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One year ago we stumbled on Capital Taekwondo's booth and my 3 year old decided she wanted to try the classes. Best choice I made. My daughter has learned so many things but most importantly she has learned respect. She knows she needs to work hard to accomplish her goals and that is so important. I recently joined the adult class at 41 and very out of shape. I have been made to feel a part of the team and each class to try a little harder. Master Radomir is an amazing teacher for all ages and all fitness levels.
- Kelly (January 2017)

We chose Taekwondo because we wanted our kids to be involved in a physical activity that would help them to further develop their confidence, self-awareness, respect and focus in a healthy, positive way. We chose Capital Taekwondo because of Master Radomir who first has not only proven himself as a Canadian and European champion but also as a father. He truly takes a genuine interest in the growth and development of his students. My oldest son is looking forward to going to every practice where my middle son who is 3 now, can’t wait to start next spring. My advice to every parent would be to go and try it. For me, this one is a keeper and something we plan to stay with for a long time to come. It is truly one of those experiences that has had such a positive impact on our family.
- Branka (February 2017)

 I agree with the comments below. I've enrolled 3 of my children ages 3, 5 and 8. They love it! Thank you Radomir and Iva for teaching our kids respect, dedication, team work...We love it!
- George

My son Marko was actively involved in Taekwondo both while Master Radomir was teaching in community centres and now in his new location. Thanks to Taekwondo and the high quality classes my son participated in he became a very confident and disciplined individual. Marko was not very athletic at the age of 8 when he start martial arts; however, Master Radomir helped him develop his motor skills and flexibility which made a huge difference in his life. Marko is now a university athlete which he would not be if it was not for the amazing dedication and support of Capital Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy.
- Zoe (September 2015)

 We are so pleased that we have found Capital Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy. My daughter has had a problem of staying motivated to participate in a sport more than a couple months. Now, she is thrilled to go to every Taekwondo class and has loved it for 5 months! She has extreme respect and appreciation towards her instructors and loves her teammates. I would definitely recommend Capital Taekwondo Martial Arts School for all parents in Ottawa looking to enrol their child in martial arts activities. You cannot go wrong!
- Steven