Master Radomir Samardzic has dedicated himself to the study of Olympic Taekwondo. He has over 25 years of experience as a martial artist, coach, and world known athlete who has had the honour of representing Canada, Serbia and Yugoslavia. His passion for Taekwondo has led him all over the world, including: Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Russia, Denmark, France, United States, Turkey, Spain, Czech Republic, Serbia, and many more exciting countries. 

Master Samardzic's teaching philosophy is to encourage all students to develop and achieve goals through dedication and perseverance. He emphasizes the enjoyment of training in a  positive atmosphere while developing a number of life's important skills. 

Coached by four time World Champion, Master In Kyung Kim representing Korea, and world known Master Dragan Jovic from Serbia (awarded 2017 World Coach of the Year by the World Taekwondo Federation, obtained two olympic gold and silver medals, and many other world class results), Master Samardzic is determined to share his passion and great knowledge with his students.

Some of Master Samardzic's results include:

  • 2009 World Taekwondo Championships - 9th IN THE WORLD
  • 2008 Canadian National Team Trials - GOLD
  • 2008 European Championships - BRONZE
  • 2008 Croatia Open - GOLD
  • 2008 Ontario Provincial Championships - GOLD
  • 2008 Canadian Olympic Divisions - GOLD
  • 2007 Canadian National Championships - SILVER
  • 2007 Ontario Provincial Championships - GOLD
  • 2007 U.S. Open - GOLD
  • 2006 Olympic Candidate
  • 2006 Commonwealth Championships - SILVER
  • 2006 Canadian National Championships - GOLD
  • 2006 Ontario Provincial Championships - GOLD
  • 2005 Serbia Open - GOLD
  • 2005 Canadian National Championships - GOLD
  • 2005 Ontario Provincial Championships - GOLD
  • 2005 Black Belt Open - GOLD
  • 2004 Ontario Provincial Championships - GOLD